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Information and Safeguarding Policy 

Early years universal funding is available to all children from the term after your child's third birthday (15 hours per week). Two year old funding is available to families who meet specific criteria or who have Special Educational Needs or Disability.
SESSIONS; (from Sept 19)

    * 8.45 am to 11.45 am 

    * 12.15 am to 3.15 pm 

    * 8.45 am to 3.15 pm

Prices from September 19;

  • £17.50 for 3 hour sessions 
  • £40.00 for full day sessions (6.5 hours) lunch time is charged at £5.00. 
  • Funded sessions can only be taken as full days or afternoons.
  • Children meeting the criteria set out by the DfE may receive 30 hours per week of Government subsidised funding. We can offer this to a limited number of children as the funding is lower than the actual cost of providing the place. Please ask for further details.

Minimum attendance is 2 sessions per week. This is because children often find it very difficult to settle if they only attend one session a week. To secure a place, a booking fee of £10 is required.

Children who stay all day bring a packed lunch. Please see our lunch policy for details of what can be included.

The Two Year Old Progress Check

We are required to carry out a progress check on each child between their 2nd and 3rd birthday. At Acorns the check is carried out jointly between parents, the child's key person and the manager. We aim to assess what children can do and what they are good at, as well as identifying any areas in which there may be concerns or in which they may need additional support or experiences, so that these can be addressed and appropriately supported, as early as possible. The checks are done as part of the normal daily observations, include parents' and any other professionals' views, and where possible, take into account the child's own view of their learning.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the statutory guidance and curriculum which children in early years settings follow from birth to the end of their reception year in school. This is followed to ensure that children's health, safety, welfare and learning and development needs are met. Please see any member of staff for further information about the EYFS.

Safeguarding; We are committed to ensuring the physical and emotional safety and welfare of all our children. We believe that protecting children is everyone's responsibility. Our Safeguarding Policy (below) sets out the steps we take to keep children safe and what we will do if we have any concerns. All parents are advised to read the policy below. We also have a copy of the Government document 'What to do if you are worried that a child is being abused' which is available at all times next to the parents' notice board, to advise anyone with concerns over children's safety.

"The well-being of children and families is at the heart of the setting. Families and children have made very strong attachments to staff, who understand their backgrounds and children's unique characteristics. Families feel very supported by staff and children's emotional well-being is a high priority."     Ofsted May 16









We are now taking registration forms for Sept 2021. We accept 2 year old funding, and 15 hour funding, and have a limited number of 30 hours funded places. Please telephone 07952 963186 to arrange a visit.


Welcome to  Acorns


Acorns Playgroup Curriculum - we work within the Early Years Foundation Stage, and our curriculum intention is to focus on and support the development of; 

  • Social skills, self-confidence, independence, and behaviour and attitudes to learning

  • Strong communication, language and literacy skills, including a love of books.

  • Physical skills, including self-care, how to be healthy, and gross and fine motor control

  • An understanding of the world around us, which includes maths, science and nature, geography and history at an age appropriate level of understanding, as part of play.

  • Creative and imaginative play


 Acorns’ Educational Ethos;

At Acorns children learn through adults’ intentional pedagogy. This means that in interactions between adults and children, we identify learning opportunities and use them in order to intentionally move children’s learning and development forward, either at that moment, or by planning and providing resources, experiences or knowledge to support children’s next steps at the earliest opportunity. This ensures that we are meeting children’s learning and development needs throughout their day, at all times, whether it’s during lunchtime, group work, or one to one time, indoors and outdoors. We record significant learning through 'Learning Stories', which can be seen in children’s files. However, what is more important is what is ‘recorded’ in children’s development and ways of thinking. This can be seen in the children’s progress, their problem resilience, perseverence, problem solving skills, their attitudes, their ability to concentrate, their excitement about and willingness to learn, their ability to ask good questions, their critical thinking, confidence, and their social and communication skills. Each child learns at their individual level and each adult supports their specific needs and interests at that moment, which enables them to achieve the deepest engagement and learning. Through intentional pedagogy children make the quickest progress in their learning and development, and develop positive attitudes towards learning.  If you have any questions, please see your child’s key person.

Our Vision and Aims

We aim to continue to be an Outstanding preschool which welcomes and values every child in our care, and their family, so that each individual can learn, develop and achieve to their full potential. We work to promote equality and we value diversity.

We believe that children learn best through play and playful experiences, which are self-chosen and open-ended. We provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment in which children learn the dispositions and attitudes which are needed in order to become effective communicators, and competent, creative, independent and reflective learners. We have high expectations of all our children, and challenge them to achieve to the very best of their ability. We aim to involve all parents and carers as partners in helping each child to learn and develop.



 "Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff know their roles and responsibilities to keep children safe. They update their knowledge through regular safeguarding training and know how to report any concerns regarding the welfare of children and their families."  Ofsted May 16


  Our Ofsted report in May 16 can be seen on

For further information please telephone us on 07952 963186 or email at

For details of session times and charges, please see the information page in the About Us section. 

To find out more about what children do at Acorns, please see our weekly blog page.


Brochures and registration forms now available by email.

For information about our Safeguarding Children Policy see 'Further Information'.

See Special Educational Needs page for our Local Offer.