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Weekly Blog page; This is our page to update you on what the children have been doing each week. As we do very little advance planning because we follow the children's interests, we try to keep parents informed through as many means as we can. You can always look on our whiteboard, which we update daily. You can borrow your children's learning journal to take home whenever you wish (please ensure you sign it out). The learning journal explains all about your child's individual achievements, experiences and interests. Please add your comments to the learning journal - it belongs to you and your child. We are always extremely happy to have learning stories from home sent to us, to add to learning journals, so that we know what children are learning and enjoying when they are with you, and so that we can make links between learning at home and preschool.

Autumn 19 This week we have been making butterfly wings to help us to fly around outside! Our tiny caterpillars which arrived after half term are now enormous and will soon turn into chrysalids, the final stage before becoming butterflies.