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Weekly Blog page; This is our page to update you on what the children have been doing each week. As we do very little advance planning because we follow the children's interests, we try to keep parents informed through as many means as we can. You can always look on our whiteboard, which we update daily. Or there's our Daily photo board which is on the table near the main door (almost) every day. We always include photos of what we've been doing each day, and which areas of learning the children have experienced. At the bottom of each daily board page we try to include ideas for how you could extend or expand on children's learning at Acorns, at home. You can borrow your children's learning journals to take home whenever you wish (please ensure you sign it out). The learning journal explains all about your child's individual achievements and interests. Please add your comments to the learning journal - it belongs to you and your child. We are always extremely happy to have learning stories from home sent to us, to add to learning journals, so that we know what children are learning and enjoying when they are with you. 


Autumn term

2nd half of the autumn term, week 1. This week has been all about Halloween and Bonfire Night. The children explored mixing colours using interesting implements such as twigs and pipe cleaners which created exciting effects. They brought in their fancy dress outfits and played Halloween games. We sang The Skeleton Dance song which led to us getting out our human x-rays. The children looked at them on the light box and were fascinated, so we made a whole body up with the x-rays and learnt the names of some of the bones and where they are on our bodies.









Week 5; The Acorns adults have been learning about the very close links between strong language development to listening to music. The rhythms in music influence our ability to communicate even before we are born, but research shows that children who are exposed to different types of music develop better langiage skills. Not to mention the health benefits of dancing of course! So, turn up that music and get moving!! We have listened to Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi this week. We also listened to Bollywood music and learnt about Diwali which takes place over the next few days. 










Week 4 This week we had a lot of rain and strong winds, so we made sure that everyone got plenty of fresh air and physical activity by putting on our all in one suits and splashing about in the huge puddles. We added blue and yellow powder paint and all the wellies moving around mixed the colours together. The children were very excited that they had turned their blue and yellow into green! There's nothing like a real-life first-hand experienece to assimilate new learning into our brains!










Week 2 - Now that most children have settled in, we have begun to understand their individual interests and learning needs. This week we have been practising our scissors skills and using them to cut shapes to use to make our own pictures. Children choose what they want to make and adults are there to ensure that they have everything they need and to challenge and extend their thinking.